Start saving today and download the Barking Mobile App!


Access prime parking locations

Through Barking App you can choose from the best parking locations that weren’t available before. Secure courtyards and private carparks at the heart of town.

Book a spot in advance

No hassle with finding a spot right before the movie begins- choose the best spot from home and take control of your schedule.

Save money

Barking is and will always be providing better pricing than on-street parking. For every hour parked the average saving is 1,2€.

Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Choose a spot

The App will find the best spot near your location or your destination address.

Open the barrier and start parking

Closed areas can be accessed through the app by a simple touch. On open parking areas just push the “Start parking” button.

Enjoy the easiest parking service

Barking will save you 1-2€ an hour while offereing the securest carparks.

Billing and payments

Mobile Invoice

Parking fee will be added to the next month Mobile invoice. Service providers in Estonia: EMT, Elisa and Tele2.

elisa ent tele2


By entering your credit card information in the app your card will be charged after every parking session.


Avoid Mobile operator service fees by adding credit to your prepaid account.

Barking clients (Estonia):