Barking for Drivers

Barking is an app you can use to find and access thousands of exclusive and secure parking spots in cities. Spaces behind office buildings, companies, condominiums, theatres etc. Parking with Barking has always 30% better parking fees than on-street parking.

Parking is available via our platform which connects all barriers, electric gates and garage doors to the cloud and thus provides access to closed areas via the Barking App.

Barking for Space Owners

A simple opportunity to earn extra revenues with your property. Fill an application or drop an email Barking info e-mail. We will brief you of the process, list your space for you- no matter if it’s an open access or closed area parking space. You will get real-time price adjustment and overview, detailed reporting and of course, regularly growing payments for parking.

After listing your space, you will access Barking E-service which enables full control over your spots. You can adjust pricing and availability, number of available spots etc.


How it Works?

After installing the app and entering your information, all available spaces nearest to You or Your destination are displayed. Choose a spot, reserve it if you wish and after reaching the location, open the barrier or gate by pressing “Open Gate” button. Your parking session will commence and Barking app will display all information neccessary about the session.

What if there's no vacancy?

In this case, just drive to the exit barrier and push “Open barrier” button to exit the space, you will not be charged. We would appreciate if You would inform us of such occasions to avoid them in the future.

Can I park different cars through the App?

Yes, you can add different cars to your Barking app and choose which one you are using right before starting a new parking session.

What if my phone battery runs out?

We would suggest to borrow your friends phone or find another way to call us so we can identify and help you.



Why would I even need another parking app?

Parking is a costly service and Barking provides the best parking fees our there. In addition, you can reserve spaces, use navigation and pay via the most convenient option for you.

What if I exceed the parking time-limit?

We encourage you to always check from the App for how long a certain parking space is available but in case this happens, you should definately conctact the space owner in advance.

When will the Barking App be available for Windows phones?

We plan to develop and release it within 2016.


Space Owner

Am I obligated to rent out spaces after joining Barking?

Absolutely not- it is your opportunity to earn extra revenues but definately  not an obligation.

So how much is it possible to earn?

Depends on the location.

Example 1. Your spot is in the the town centre where on-street parking costs 3€/ hr. You will rent out your space for 2€ /hour, 5 hours every day and the occupancy rate is a little over 50% (usually in cental areas it’s higher). You the earn approcimately 1400€ annually.

Example 2. You manage a carpark with 10 spaces available for Barking. The spots will be occupied 6h /day for 2€ / hr. In this case your earnings reach a beneficial revenue of 3000€ monthly and 36,000€ annually.

Will my old remote access system be operational after Barking installs it's device?

Sure, Barking modem is designed not to disrupt the work of any existing systems. Everything will stay the same and you will have an option to rent out the spaces through Barking.

What if someone abandons their vehicle on my parking space?

All drivers have agreed to our terms and conditions and have connected their payment channels to Barking. So if a driver abuses the service we will apply a penalty and a parking fee multiplier. Their account will be blocked for further use as well.

Isn't it unsecure if strangers will access my courtyard?

All drivers are identified and their bank information, registration plate numbers, phone number etc. are in our database. In our experience, no-one would first hand out all that information to actually go and steal something :) There are probably easier ways for thieves.

If I dont list any spaces at all, will someone have access to my parking area?

No, access to your parking space is granted only during the times you rent them out.

How do I know how much money I've made and how will I get it?

Your are provided with an account, user name and a password to access our E-service centre. There you will see all the information about previous sessions, real-time parking information, your earnings balance etc. Barking will transfer your earnings from the previous month to your given bank account by the 5th of each month.

Can I list my spaces which are on open access areas?

Yes, in this case the process is even more simple. Just fill out the application, add your spaces at the E-service centre and start earning :)